Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Thank Heaven It's September 20th

We can wait practically a whole year before we have to hear about the War on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Wingnut Wrapup

Yeah, an occasional exception to my having abandoned Wingnut Wrapup, just to remind people of how these losers are all still out there, making a living out of lying to the rubes and then charging them money for the pleasure.

Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall:  "Only One of Two New Health Care Proposals Qualifies as 'Extreme'

And guess what, people?  It isn't the plan that cuts tens of millions of people off from health care in order to fund a multi trillion dollar giveaway to a few rich sociopaths, it's the one that gives health care to everyone, just like every other modern industrial nation on earth. Bet that surprised you.

"And yet, to listen to Democrats and many of the journalists who love them, you'd think it was the Republican proposal that's extreme. "In reality, Graham-Cassidy is the opposite of moderate," New York Times columnist Paul Krugman pronounced. "It contains, in exaggerated and almost caricature form, all the elements that made previous Republican proposals so cruel and destructive."

Why, how could you ever believe that?  Jonah versus Paul Krugman.  Who to trust?

"Graham-Cassidy is very close to the kind of legislation we would have ended up with if Republicans had an idea of what they wanted from the get-go and the Democrats were interested in compromise..."

Compromise; or in English, selling the American people down the river to bribe rich guys to keep funding Republican re-election campaigns.

Lauretta Brown, Town Hall:  "Nikki Haley: International Community Now Refers to Kim Jong Un as 'Rocket Man'...“Every other international community is now referring to him as ‘Rocket man,’” she added."

Nilli's evidence being an unnamed alleged African leader who called Kim "rocket man."  That's it. By the way, can I say that I don't really get this whole thing.  I think "rocket man" is kind of a cool nickname.  I mean, it isn't like they are calling him "sucking Vladimir Putin's dick man" or anything.

Bethany Bowra, Red State:  "VIDEO: Students Justify Violence from Antifa"

Violence against Nazis...nah, there couldn't be any precedent for that

Listen, when someone identifies themselves in public as a Nazi, as far as I am concerned, they have made themselves a clear and present danger which justifies almost any reaction in return.  Got a problem with that?

Andrea Ruth, Red State:  "Not The Onion: Story Claims The Electoral College Is A National Security Threat"

Andrea apparently does not think it is a security threat to put a losing candidate in the White House whose mental incapacity is threatening the world with a mindless nuclear war.

Susan Wright, Red State:  Paul Manafort’s Troubles Didn’t Start When He Became Trump’s Campaign Manager"

What "troubles?"  Oh, you mean he was a Russian operative even before he went to work for Trump? Boy, that makes things a lot better for Trump doesn't it- Trump hired him when he was already a Russian tool.

Stridentconservative, Red State:  "College Snowflakes OK With Using Violence To Silence “Hate Speech”"

OK with violence...I guess they aren't such snowflakes after all.  And by the way, you've got one of the more stupid web names I have ever seen, buddy.  Just sayin'

Tom Knighton, PJ Media:  "Activist in Seminar: All White People Are Racist and Always Will Be"

This would be one Ashley Shackleford, whom none of us has ever heard of, addressing an absolutely unnamed "seminar" which allegedly took place somewhere, and illustrated with an unattributed picture of a fat black lady with a couple of handwritten signs.

No photo of anyone else supposedly in attendance, and as I mentioned, no identification of where this lone person was supposedly speaking.  How does that compare to the President of the United States openly siding with Nazis?

And a little response to Trump's shocking, disgusting speech at the UN this week:

Claudia Rosett, PJ Media:  "Trump Hits Home Run for America in UN Speech"

Hell, let's just be clear about this.  The kind of person who claims that mindless threats about unleashing nuclear war amounted to a "home run" is the same kind of person that mindlessly cheered Hitler on in Nazi Germany.  That is not an exaggeration; it is literally true.  Anyone who attempts to normalize this bestiality is a subhuman themselves.

And a little more?

James Arlandson, American Thinker:  "Conservative Christians who know their Bible found a lot to like in Trump's U.N. speech Tuesday."

What, nuclear war?  A lot to like there, I guess.

Nathan Lichtman, PJ Media:  "Keith Ellison Compares DACA Immigrants to Jewish Victims of the Holocaust...He's diving back into anti-Semitism..."

And there's today's award winner for the most nauseating right wing misuse of the notion of anti-Semitism to try to shout down anyone who might like to talk about a clear injustice.  See- helping immigrants is an attack on Jews.  Somehow.

John Ellis, PJ Media:  "The Satanic Temple Wants More Babies to Die; Sues State of Missouri Over Abortion Law"

Satanists want people to die.  That's news?  I mean they are Satanists, John.  By the way, no comment in this article about the 25,000,000 people in North Korea that our President wants to kill with nuclear weapons.  That's okay, because, although they are 99% totally innocent victims, they are not unborn, and are therefore fair game to be exterminated.

Christina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "Melania Gives Speech at UN About Protecting Children – Liberals Trash 11-Year-Old Barron...Nothing is too low for liberals."

Not one word in the actual article about liberals or Barron Trump.  Surprised?  I didn't think so.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "6.1 Earthquake Off New Zealand Follows 7.1 Quake near Mexico City — 119 Dead"

I'm including this because we are already seeing right wing loons jabbering about how God is Angry! Just for your information, I did a little bit of math, and it turns out that for the latest ten year period for which I could find data, earthquakes of 6 and above worldwide averaged 165 a year, or almost one every two days.

Cristina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "Sebastian Gorka Warns of Imminent Shake-Up to Senior White House Staff"

This week's shakeup, I guess.  This White House has had more shakes than a James Bond martini.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "TGP’s Jim Hoft to Speak at Eagle Council on Fake News"

And who would know more about that subject than Jim Hoft?  Way to speak of yourself in the third person, Jim...who do you think you are, the Queen?

Cristina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "O’Reilly Speaks Out in First T.V Interview Since Firing: It Was a Hit Job “Manufactured by Media Matters”

If so, Cristina, it's the best thing Media Matters ever did.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "Does the Constitution mean what the Supreme Court says it means?"

The short answer?  No.  It means what Bryan Fischer says it means. Because, Jesus.  Bryan knows what Jesus means too, even when, to the uninformed reader like you and me, Jesus seems to be saying the exact opposite. You don't need to read the rest of this thousand word piece of crap.  You knew that was going to be Bryan's answer the minute you read the title of the article.

And how about a little more from Bryan, professional god man and spokesman for the American Family Association?

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "What do we do with the DREAMERS?"

What do you think Jesus would do, at least according to deeply Christian Bryan?

"It is true that they are here through no fault of their own. But neither is their presence here the fault of American citizens who are forced to pay for their education, their food stamps, their subsidized housing, their tax credits from the IRS, and watch as they take jobs which would otherwise go to underemployed Americans. If we are to bring compassion into the mix, how about a little for the Americans who are forced, through no fault of their own, to subsidize and reward the presence of almost a million individuals whose presence here is an affront to the rule of law? How about some compassion for them, hmmm?"...If they do come to the attention of immigration authorities, then we can offer to keep their families together by returning the entire intact family to their native land."

So much for "I was a stranger and you invited me in."

Alicia Powe, Renew America:  "Alabama Senate race 'a flashpoint' in fight for soul of GOP"

A fight over nothing, then, since if there is a sure sign that someone has no soul, it is that he belongs to the GOP.

Cathy Burke, Newsmax:  "New Film Lays Out 'Negligent Actions' of Ted Kennedy in Kopechne Death"

In 1969. One death. Half a century ago.  Much better to be obsessed about that than the fact that our current Republican President is trying to deliberately kill millions in a nuclear war.

Alicia Powe, World Net Daily:  "Mike Huckabee: What happened to Manafort could happen to you"

If you happen to be a Russian spy working in the White House.  Mike continues:

"'I'm sorry, that scares the bejeebies out of me'

Well, maybe you have a reason to be scared, Mike.  You act like you might be a Russian agent too. So, catching Russian spies scares you, if they are on your side.  As long as it works for you, treason is just fine, I guess.

Joseph Farah, World Net Daily:  "Bill Clinton as Ahab, Hillary as Jezebel"

Given this guy's penchant for being an asshole, I'm surprised he didn't write  "Bill Clinton as Ahab, Hillary as The Whale"


Boy, that's news.

World Net Daily:  "Prepare to be SHOCKED by the Bible"

The guys at World Net Daily have attached a couple of wires to it and stuck them into a light socket? Oh wait, you will only get to be shocked if you cough up $18.99 for a book from World Net Daily. My suggestion?  If it's a shock you are after, just stick your tongue in the socket.  Then you can get the shock without being bored into a stupor by World Net Daily's book.

And you know that every single right wing lie factory is going to be pumping out stories like this today:

Daniel John Sobieski, American Thinker:  "Trump Vindicated on Wiretaps...Obama's DOJ and James Comey were both liars in denying the wiretapping for which Trump was widely mocked."

Well, except that Trump claimed Obama was doing the wiretapping, not the FBI, and that Obama was wiretapping Trump, not his criminal campaign manager.  So, other than the fact that everything Daniel says is a lie, this is a great piece of journalism, I guess.  Right wing journalism, anyway.

H. Sterling Burnett, American Thinker:  "Hooray for Carbon Dioxide! It's Helping to Feed the World's Hungry"

Today's winner in the category of Deliberately Not Getting It.

I can't take it.  How about a little musical interlude from another Burnett, this one named after an American President- talk about patriotism:

There.  And a free classic guitar part by Hubert Sumlin as an extra.  Well, back to the idiocy:

Elise Cooper, American Thinker:  "Citizen Newt Is Needed Today"

Oh God, for what?  Are we running short on garbage to use as landfill?

Clarice Feldman, American Thinker:  "Hillary, America's Miss Havisham"

A pearl of wisdom, I guess, from the one Dickens novel every American student was forced to read. Here's a much more appropriate statement, from Green Eagle, someone who has actually read more than one Dickens novel in his life, many of them a number of times:  "Hillary, America's Lizzie Hexam."  Or how about this one?  "Donald Trump, America's Seth Pecksniff."  Sorry if you didn't get it. Try reading a little more.

Cindy Simpson, American Thinker:  "If I Were the Devil, I'd Enact Hate Speech Laws"

Man, do you have a pathetic idea of what fun is, Cindy.  If I were the Devil, I'd be out riding around in a Lamborghini, picking up chicks.

Monica Showalter, American Thinker:  "Muted response in Venezuelan press after Trump's blast at Chavista socialist failures"

I guess they don't really give a damn about what this blustering moron has to say, huh?  I wonder why that might be.

Rick Moran, American Thinker:  "Nationalist party in Germany set to make big gains in election"

Hey, that's the greatest news out of Germany since 1933!

Grace Carr, Daily Caller:  "School Board Upset Over New Standards That Teach Man-Made Global Warming"

A Republican school board- afraid of the truth as usual.  By the way, not that this is surprising, it is not the "school board," but one member of it that is upset.  The rest seem to be just fine with the new standard.  Just to be clear.

And the last wingnut site I checked today just led me to a page screaming about a nonexistent "internet security threat" that would not close and demanded that I send money for it to go away. Green Eagle gets these fairly frequently- just one more right wing internet grifter who is a little more pushy than the rest- so I was able to outwit it pretty quickly, but I'll take it as a sign that this is enough for today.  Bye.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trump Speaks at UN

His chief of staff reacts:

Well, there you go.

In a way, you have to admire Melania for sitting there stone faced, and not running from the room shreiking.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Meanwhile, in The World's Greatest Democracy

While the American people are captivated by the spectacle of the President of the United States displaying to the world a fantasy in which he violently assaults a candidate that he cheated out of her position, the following is happening in the Republican controlled Congress, which I will allow to be described by a piece at Daily Kos, as I am just too sick about all of this to rewrite it in my own words:

"In order to get the bill through, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell intends to cut off all debate, prevent any amendments, and refuse any discussion. It’s a combination that has never been used before. It’s a genuinely unprecedented shutdown of the Senate.

In addition to a process that’s ripping up the Senate rules ...

There have been no public hearings.

There is no CBO score.

The total amount of discussion will be limited to two minutes, with no amendments, no other votes.

But you can’t say there will be no hearings, because there is going to be a hearing. A single hearing. The way that hearing is going to be structured shows the fundamentally bizarre lengths Republicans are reaching to force this bill to the floor. That one hearing won’t be in front of any committee that has control over health care. It will be in front of the Homeland Security Committee. This committee has never before had a hearing on healthcare.

Why this apparently nonsensical choice? Because Republican Committee Chair Ron Johnson has agreed to limit witnesses on the Graham–Cassidy healthcare bill to just two: Graham and Cassidy, the authors of the bill. No health care experts will testify about health care. Republicans will make sure there is no one to tell a personal story of what this bill would do to them. No one to give any statistics or evidence about how it would gut healthcare and destroy provisions that protect patients."

This is not democracy.  It is the deliberate forcing on the American people of legislation that benefits no one but the rich bastards that fund the Republican party, which as I have said so many times, has not been a legitimate political party for decades, but is now a corrupt conspiracy on a level with the most criminal governments anywhere in the world today.

What is the point of trying to spread the word about what is going on in our country, when we all know it by now, and that is not slowing the Republicans from trying over and over again to pass the worst possible medical care bill they can think of, along with any other legislation that will rob the American people to pay off their masters?  And if you think this is bad, just wait a couple of weeks until we get Republican "Tax reform," which I guarantee you is going to be an even bigger crime. We have had one party governments many times in the history of this country, most notably in the hands of Democrats for many years after the Republican depression, but never (until the time of Reagan) has any party cast aside any shred of responsibility to the people, and sold itself lock stock and barrel to a few hundred rich sociopaths, who have decided that the best thing for them personally is an oligarchic dictatorship that considers the interests of no one but themselves.

And this, from the party of "government of the people, for the people, by the people."

Well, that's what we've got.  What are a few bloggers supposed to do about that?  If you figure out an answer, please let me know.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

MOAR- Mob of Asshole Republicans

Or this:
The Mother of All Rallies!!!  Promoted by Republicans for at least two months, this event took place in Washington D.C. today.  Didn't hear about it?  Well, here's some of the advance material:

"MOAR Mother Of All Rallies Patriot Unification Gathering-The Woodstock of American Rallies

America First patriot rally in support of American values, American culture, American traditions, and of course President Donald Trump. Our goal is to rally 1 million patriots to Washington DC to send a shock-wave message to the world that they have to go through us to take this country or change its culture."

ONE MILLION PATRIOTS!  Well, as is the inevitable outcome of right wing marches, they fell a little short of their predictions.

Here is a photo used in their promotional material:
Actually, I think this is from the inauguration of Barack Obama, where there were actually a million plus attendees.  Here is a photo of the actual crowd at today's event:
Maybe six or eight hundred, and who knows how many of them were casual tourists.  Well I guess that was their stand- it was just a small stand.

What kind of fool do you have to be to believe the Republicans' claims to speak for a massive, worked up political force in American life, when this happens over and over again?  The Republican party is good at one thing only: managing to assemble electoral victories on one day every couple of years, through a combination of billions spent on lying propaganda and character assassination, intense, criminal gerrymandering all over the country, and as we now know, treasonous collaboration with a hostile dictator that wants nothing but to destroy the power of the US government.  But that is all it takes to ruin our country, despite the fact that, as I have been documenting for years, their alleged massive base is essentially nonexistent, at least if it is measured by how many people are willing to get off their asses and do a damned thing to help bring about the fascist oligarchy that has been the Republicans' only real goal since at least the time of Reagan.

And yet here we go, straight down the road to hell, while the Republicans' rich backers strip every penny of value from the country.  So far, no hope of a good ending.

Friday, September 15, 2017


While most of us have been preoccupied with lesser things, let me note that the Cleveland Indians won their 22nd game in a row yesterday, setting a new American League record.  They are now only four games behind the all time record of the New York Giants, set in 1916, of 26 games without a loss, although that streak was interrupted by a tie game resulting from a rainout.
Yay, Tribe.  Go for five more, and break a hundred year old record.

I can remember not that long ago when the Indians were the laughingstock of professional baseball.  Not any more, I guess.

The Machines are Going to Kill Us

Many people may, by now, heard of Facebook allowing its very powerful apparatus to be used by Aryan Supremacists to recruit followers:

"Want to market Nazi memorabilia, or recruit marchers for a far-right rally? Facebook’s self-service ad-buying platform had the right audience for you. 

Until this week, when we asked Facebook about it, the world’s largest social network enabled advertisers to direct their pitches to the news feeds of almost 2,300 people who expressed interest in the topics of “Jew hater,” “How to burn jews,” or, “History of ‘why jews ruin the world.’

Nice, huh?  And Facebook's explanation for that?

"After we contacted Facebook, it removed the anti-Semitic categories — which were created by an algorithm rather than by people"

Well, that's great- we now, apparently, have anti-Semitic machines.  I guess we are supposed to forget that these "algorithms" i.e. software, were created by people who apparently didn't care if they were benefiting from marketing to neo-Nazis.  No one is to blame, because the machines did it.

I'm sure that this argument will soon be extended into many areas of our lives.  After all, if you kill someone with a gun, you are not responsible because the machine did it, right?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Republican Lies, McCain Edition

Even when they try to tell the truth they can't help lying.  Case in point today, the ol' Maverick, for some reason granted a space on national TV to maunder on about global warming, which he claims to believe in:

"Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) says he has no idea why his GOP colleagues deny basic climate science... 

(Jake) Tapper... asks McCain why, with a few exceptions, the Republican party, “the president, the governor of Florida, et cetera, act as if it’s not real, even though the overwhelming scientific consensus is that it’s real and it’s man made?” 

“I don’t know because I can’t divine their motives,” McCain said."

He doesn't know their motives.

Well, he knows their motives perfectly well, as does any other rational person:  They are corrupt criminals who have taken bribes to lie about climate change.  Can't be admitting that, though

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Trump and the Democrats? Don't Be Ridiculous

After Donald Trump made his deal to sabotage House Republican leadership, the press has been full of the most arrant nonsense about his turning to the center, or becoming Presidential, or other such rubbish.  You would think that by now, there would be nobody left that had any illusion that Trump would ever make a move that was not both self-serving and piggish.  But here the pundits are again, falling for his crap, or at least pretending to.  You'd think that it would be obvious that Trump is not siding with the Democrats; he is siding against the Republican leadership in the house, in the person of one Paul Ryan.  Here's a little from a post at Daily Kos:

"Trump is not happy with Paul Ryan, and he doesn't care who knows it...As much as popular vote loser Donald Trump likes to tweet his feud with Mitch McConnell, it's the other Republican leader—House Speaker Paul Ryan—that he really seems to have it in for. First we saw reports that Steve Bannon—banned from the White House but still reportedly on Trump's cell phone speed-dial—is plotting with the Freedom Caucus maniacs to oust Ryan. Now AP is reporting that Trump is basically fed up with him."

Trump isn't happy with Paul Ryan?  Bullshit; he is scared to death of him, for the obvious reason:

"Ryan controls whether and when the House takes up articles of impeachment. Anyone thinking strategically about future consequences would not go out of their way to alienate the person who holds your future in their hands."

Unless you can remove him. And there is the answer to everything.  Ryan, the only politician in Washington that can match Trump's self serving treachery, is the person with his finger on the impeachment button.  Trump is not siding with anyone, he is trying to crush Ryan out of existence.  From the Washington Post today:

"Several influential House conservatives are privately plotting ways to use the legislative calendar this fall to push their hard-line agenda — including quiet discussions about possibly mounting a leadership challenge to House Speaker Paul D. Ryan.  The group has gone so far as to float the idea of recruiting former House speaker Newt Gingrich or former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum as potential replacements for Ryan (R-Wis.) should there be a rebellion. The Constitution does not require that an elected member of the House serve as speaker."

And why has this become so urgent?

For an answer to that, I suggest you take a couple of minutes to watch the following video by Keith Olbermann, who explains in his typical blunt fashion just how close to impeachment Trump really is; and as you watch this, remember that it is all based on what is known in public at this point- none of us really knows how much more Mueller knows at this point.  And pay particular attention to the role of Mike Pence in all of this, putting him in the impeachment frame too:

Well, leaving the impeachment process in the hands of a treacherous monster like Ryan, who is just salivating at the prospect of making himself President is something that even the monumentally stupid Trump is not going to allow.  He needs to replace Ryan almost immediately with a totally captive right wing toady who will never allow impeachment to go forward; a role for which Gingrich or Santorum would be ideally suited.  And that is what this is all about.  At this point, Trump will side with anyone who might have the ability to help lever Ryan out of his position, because Trump recognizes a fellow rat in Ryan, and knows what will happen the minute Ryan sees his path to the Presidency open up.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Oblivious Left Wing Comment of the Day

From the normally totally perceptive Digby, I am afraid:

"I frankly don’t understand why people are still wondering if there was collusion during the campaign."

Digby, none of these people you are referring to are "wondering if there was collusion during the campaign."  They all know perfectly well that there was collusion- massive, treasonous collusion, as proven beyond a shadow of a doubt through dozens of actions by Donald Trump and his minions.  They are not questioning the clear facts, as you very well know.  They are attempting to shout those facts down in any way they can, by denying over and over again what we all know to be true.

They are not stupid; they are paid liars, and they are going to go on lying, and threatening, and diverting people's attention, from now until doomsday, since the alternative is to admit that their entire party is a corrupt pack of traitors.

There.  Isn't it nice to just state the truth for once?

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wingnut Wrapup

As I've said, I have pretty much given up on Wingnut Wrapup, but I think it's a good idea to once in a while look in on the wingnuts, just to remind ourseves of what a grotesque pack of evil, anti-American, hate filled people make up the Republican base.  So, here we go:

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Dennis Prager: The Left Chooses to Go After Statues Instead of Fighting Real Evil...Prager argued that the left goes after statues because they aren't willing to confront real evils in the world."

Real evil apparently not being the return of the most malignant form of racism, or the efforts of the Republican party to turn the country into a fascist state, or the right's embrace of sadism as a legitimate way to treat their opponents.  Because the Democrats are confronting (however weakly) those evils, or I should say, I guess, those delightful new American principles brought to us by the Republicans.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Will Democrats Take 'Yes' For An Answer on DACA, or Demagogue Compromises to Protect a Wedge Issue?"

Translation:  will Democrats agree to a half dozen piggish, hateful Republican proposals, out of fear that the Republicans will blame Democrats for doing away with DACA?  Answer? Probably.  Or, as Guy puts it:

"we will resolve the DACA issue with heart and compassion – but through the lawful Democratic process"

I.e. by our usual tactic of taking hostages and ramming through as many horrible abuses as possible before agreeing to any decent proposals at all.

Katie Pavlich:  "America to the FBI: We Deserve to See Hillary Clinton's FBI File"

Yeah, that is what "America" is really worried about at this point.  According to a Rasmussen "poll," i.e. a Republican lie.  And even Rasmussen could barely get the number over 50%, no matter how they rigged the count.

And now a cartoon showing the deep sensitivity the right shows to the plight of the dreamers:

Yeah, just dump ice on their heads.  That'll solve the problem.  Hurt them a little more, that's the answer, you sons of bitches.  Well, I guess that if they are still dreaming that the Republican party is going to treat them decently, maybe they need to be awakened, so they can start packing.

Christine Rousselle, Town Hall:  "People Are Seriously Mad that Taylor Swift Hasn't Condemned Trump"

Seriously mad.  And I mean SERIOUSLY mad!!!!  Who are these people that are seriously mad? Who the hell knows, but they are SERIOUSLY MAD!!!!11!!!!!!1!!!  At Taylor Swift!  Man, that is a disturbing turn in American political affairs.

Streiff, Red State:  "EPA Reaches Staffing Levels Not Seen Since The Reagan Administration...The workforce at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is on course to fall to its lowest level since Ronald Reagan was president, an agency official said on Tuesday.

After buyouts and retirements, that number could drop to 14,428 by October...That would be below the fiscal 1988 level"

The stupid, ignorant Streiff is really proud of that.

Brandon Morse, Red State:  "Christian Colorado Baker Called Nazi by Politician Actually Son of Holocaust Camp Liberator"

Actually, Hitler was the son of...well, who cares about that?  It's what you do yourself, not what your father did, Brandon.  And actually, no one really compared this guy to a Nazi, but what's a lie that small in the blizzard of lies that comes from the right every single day?

Brandon Morse, Red State:  "LOL! Planned Parenthood Says ‘Every Person Has The Right To Live’ In DACA Outrage Email"

Apparently, to right wingers, they don't.  I'd keep that in mind if I were you.

Joshua Caplan, Gateway Pundit:  "Steve Bannon Set For First Major TV Interview Since Leaving the White House "

Oh boy.

Joshua Caplan, Gateway Pundit:  "REPORT: Susan Rice Set For House Intel Committee Grilling Over Unmasking Controversy"

A "grilling" over a phony issue invented by Republicans.  Well, pretty much par for the course for our Republican Congress.

Moneywise 411:  "The First Major “Win” For The Trump Presidency...Some experts believe President Trump may be gearing up for his biggest win yet.

According to Washington insiders, three “confidential” members of Congress are reportedly drafting a critical new bill.  Once signed by the President, it will give public recognition for the first new “stock exchange” in America in nearly 50 years."

That would, apparently, count as Trump's biggest win of his whole Presidency.  Pathetic, huh?  I just want to point out that this was actually an ad disguised as a news story at Gateway Pundit.  Grifters gotta grift.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Police Are Looking for 6 Suspects in Massive Wedding Brawl that Left White Girl Knocked Out on Street"

Vital news, Gateway Pundit style.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Bill De Blasio Goes Full Commie"


Curtis Dahlgren, Renew America:  "NOW CAN WE GET SOME REAL NEWS? Robert E. Lee made some serious mistakes, but he knew when to repent and concede. After hurricane Harvey, some people don't know whether to blame the Russians or God"

Huh?  Curtis does, however, finish his column with this remark:

"Well, that's the column for this week. It's not the column I intended to write, but like a bowel movement..."

Okay, then.  I'm not exactly sure where Curtis thought he was going with that remark, but take it for what it's worth.  And yes, that is what he really said.

Linda Harvey, World Net Daily:  "The move to 'repeal and replace' Christianity"

Whoopee!  Where do I sign up? Linda states:

"Oh, wait. The Southern Poverty Law Center is already doing (the) dirty work for the enemies of Jesus.

Whatever.  Knock yourself out telling lies, Linda.

And now for the big investment opportunity of the day!

Joseph Farah, World Net Daily:  "Make a Hit Movie With WND!  Two years ago, WND CEO Joseph Farah decided the time was right for WND to make its first major motion picture. We must bring (this) story to A-list actors, top distributors, marketing executives, and technicians in order to create a powerful package for investors. This film investor package will cost about $120,000."

Which Joseph would like you to cough up.  Care to take a chance on the likelihood that a pack of right wing lunatics are going to make a hit movie?  Personally, if I were you, I would send your money to Green Eagle, to help recognize his long time dream of bringing "Heinrich Himmler-The Man and the Dream," starring Rowan Atkinson in the title role, to the silver screen.

James V. DeLong, American Thinker:  "Sarah Palin and the New York Times: The Next Chapter...After a judge issued a ridiculous ruling in favor of the Times, can Palin win an appeal in her libel suit?  The case isn't hopeless."

Yes it is, James.  Deal with it.

Bruce Walker, American Thinker:  "Make North Korea a Chinese Protectorate...America ought to take the position that North Korea is a protectorate of China, recognizing China's right to represent North Korea's interests in global affairs"

No explanation of how to get China to go along with this, or what in God's name would make China want to take on the massive problems of North Korea's impoverished, backward population.  I guess Trump will just "make" them do it.  Just as soon as he gets done making Mexico pay for the wall.

John Nolte, Breitbart:  "CNN’s Jake Tapper Again Spreads Debunked Lie About Trump Mocking Disabled Reporter"

A "debunked lie" that anyone can see on video:

But right wingers will never give up denying what is right in front of their faces.

John Binder, Breitbart:  "Fashion Notes: Vanity Fair Snubs Melania Trump, Honors Michelle Obama on ‘Best Dressed’ List"

Man, that's going to be a big scandal. Maybe Vanity Fair could make up for this snub by putting Melania on the "Best Undressed list."

I think Michelle is clearly not going to beat Melania out in the nude posing department.

John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist:  "DACA Backlash Shows Democrats Don’t Really Think Their Policies Should Be Subject To Elections...Donald Trump promised to rescind DACA if he won the election. So why does Barack Obama have a problem with Trump following through on his promise?"

Well, maybe because it is a piggish, racist, hate filled policy that nobody should support.  Imagine rewriting Davidson's statement as follows:

"Death Camp Backlash Shows Democrats Don’t Really Think Their Policies Should Be Subject To Elections...Adolf Hitler promised to kill all the Jews if he won the March 1933 election. So why does Barack Obama have a problem with Hitler following through on his promise?"

Same thing, really.

And let's just go out on the comedy headline of the day:

Kelleigh Nelson, Before it's News:  "Our President, Sacrificing Everything to Save America"

Ha.  That should be an amusing account.

Well, off to take the Corgi to the groomers.  See you soon.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Fast and Furious

Hurricane Harvey, which dumped the greatest amount of rain in a single storm in US history, is barely over, and the damage has barely begun to be calculated, when along comes Irma.
And here it is, earlier today.  Have you ever seen such a perfectly organized hurricane?  Irma is currently the second strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic, with wind speeds only a few miles an hour short of the all time record of 190 miles per hour.

One storm after another.  What will it take to get the right wing liars in this country to give up their multibillion dollar campaign of deception and finally admit that something is happening here that must be addressed?  We still have a couple of months of this year's hurricane season to go- maybe we will have a third or a fourth of these things, while the short term profits of energy companies destroy the future of the human race.

And what is to come in that future?  In five or ten more years, will we see half a dozen of these "thousand year" storms every year?  Or even more, with an intensity that even now seems inconceivable?  How long before 200 mile an hour storms batter the South several times a year?  How long before large parts of the Atlantic and Gulf regions become uninhabitable?  Will the former residents of those areas still be willing to play the sucker for the rich bastards whose greed is destroying the planet?

The sad news is that there is no sign that these people will ever face reality, on this issue any more than they have on any other.  Hang on tight; it's going to be a rough ride.

Monday, September 4, 2017

What Is There to Say?

Really.  I think with the last month- with the Charlottesville business and Trump's open approval of the Aryan Supremacists behind it, with the freeing of the concentration camp master Joe Arpaio, with the mindless threats against North Korea, with the hideously callous reaction to Hurricane Harvey, with the dozens of hateful actions he has taken as President, with the endless dribble of details of his collaboration with the Russians and their dictator, there is no reasonable person on earth that can not see what is going on in the United States.

I am positive that even the majority of the 34% or so of the American people that claim to believe in him are lying, too ashamed at the way they were suckered into selling the country to crooks to ever admit that they know what they did.

Well, so what? As I said, we all know it, and we all know that the rest of the Republican leadership is as corrupt as Trump is, if not as stupid and deranged, so we know that things are going to have to get far worse before these loathsome crooks will even consider doing the right thing.

I like to think that I have my blog (like most people who have left wing blogs, I'm sure) to say something that everyone else isn't saying, but what could that be today?  Anyway, that's why I haven't been posting much lately.  Too bad, because I enjoy writing blog posts, but not when they have nothing to add to anything.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ignorance, Hypocrisy and...

Ever ready to apologize for the worst of the right wing, the Washington Post has this incisive analysis:

"Evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump in overwhelming numbers. Evangelical support for the president remains relatively firm; indeed, even as others criticized the president’s remarks in the wake of Charlottesville, evangelical leaders rose to the president’s defense. All of this gets under the skin of President Trump’s critics, who cannot believe that men and women who think of themselves as godly can possibly stomach Trump’s behavior. For such critics, the only possible explanation for evangelicals’ continuing faith in Trump is some combination of ignorance and hypocrisy.

Conversations with actual evangelical Christians at a recent gathering here — the Hillsboro Family Camp, where families have met annually since 1972 for four days of praise and worship — suggest a different picture. These voters — and almost all of them voted — see Trump’s flaws but perceive him as a fellow sinner willing to fight the forces of the establishment on their behalf."

Nope.  Green Eagle (along with every other sane person on earth) is going with the ignorance and hypocrisy thing.  And after hearing the result of the Post's "conversations with actual evangelical Christians,"  I will add that they are unashamed liars too.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Freedumb In Houston!!!

So we all know that freedom consists in businesses and their rich owners being able to do whatever they damned please, right?  And we have a classic example of how freedom helps the people of Texas live the good life that their Conservative overlords have promised them, in return for not caring about pollution, global warming and all those other meaningless obsessions of those dumb libruls.

Today's example comes in the form of the city of Houston, the largest city in the nation that has no zoning regulations, because who has a right to tell someone what they can do with their own money, on their own land, amirite?

And what does zoning have to do with the recent floods that have a good part of Houston under water?  Well, a couple of things.  First of all, zoning regulations in sane cities require that when an area is developed it has sufficient roads in and out of it so people can get out in an emergency.  No need for that kind of evil Government tyranny in Texas!  So, we have the freeways, which are mostly built below ground level, looking like this:
and no ability to call for an evacuation, because literally hundreds of thousand of people could be caught in massive traffic jams on these roads and drown.

Another insignificant feature of zoning regulations is a restriction on the percentage of any lot that can be covered with impermeable surfaces, preventing the land from absorbing rainfall.  Another useless example of Government over-regulation, I guess, until it rains a lot.

I just want to point out that this strategy saved the people of Texas billions of dollars in construction costs, so good for them.  Of course, now, the people of the rest of the country (by which of course I mean primarily the blue States, which are the only ones who make enough to support themselves, let alone anyone else) will have to cough up billions themselves, to put Texas back together again. Freedumb!  It's a wonderful thing.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Press and Republicans Work Together Again

To destroy any sense of truth that remains in the American political system.  This time, an anti-tax "rally" in Denver, featured in this article from Daily Kos:

"Pathetic turnout for 'grassroots' tax reform rally funded by billionaire Koch brothers

"Lavishly-funded conservative activist group American For Prosperity-Colorado promoted the hell out of today’s No More, Uncle Sam! Reform the Tax Code! rally in Lincoln Park across from the Colorado State Capitol...despite nearly 3 million residents and the promise of free BBQ for attendees, it appears roughly two dozen residents turned out. No telling how many are the caterers and AFP staff."

Americans for Prosperity- one of the maze of phony organizations funded by the Koch brothers.  And here is a picture of the crowd which all of the Koch brothers' money and publicity generated:

About two dozen, and that doesn't take into account how many of them are Koch staffers or the caterers of the free barbecue.

Well, another laughable right wing failure, except for one thing.  As so often happens, you would never know what actually happened from the mainstream news reporting of the event.  I'm not going to link to it here, but if you click on the Daily Kos story, you will find a CBS report of this essentially nonexistent affair, which portrays it as an important political event representing a significant segment of the voting populace, raising grievances, i.e. too high taxes for the rich, which must be addressed.

And that is how it's done.  That's how a couple of rich sociopaths and a compliant media build the notion that the American people just demand an end to taxes on the wealthy, or any other piggish demand from the backers of the Republican party.  As I have said a hundred times (it's virtually the motto of this blog,) the Democrats could beat the Republicans into oblivion any time without hardly trying; what they can't do is beat the Republicans and the mainstream press working together.

A Brief Note About Trump's Pardon of Joe Arpaio

What crime did Arpaio commit, after all?  He used his legal power to select people based on their ethnicity, and then place them in what he himself called concentration camps.

You may want to argue about exactly what a person needs to do to be classified on the same degraded level of humanity as Nazis, but this is certainly it.  Arpaio then defied judicial rulings to stop this hateful behavior; it was for this that he was found guilty.

Trump, in pardoning Arpaio, declared openly, if not is so many words, that it is okay to place people in concentration camps because of their ethnic origin, regardless of what the law says.

That is Nazism pure and simple.  That is why Trump's pardon represents an open embrace by the President of the United States of the most degraded form of government the world has ever known.

The fact that he still resides in the White House, after this incident is a horrible condemnation of his own party, which is the only agency with the power to remove him, and is a massive step toward a nation where imprisoning people in camps because of their ethnicity, or any other reason that suits the leaders' fantasy, will be an accepted practice.
Welcome to the new America, folks.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It's Hopeless

Here's a little compilation of a few tweets from the last couple of days:
This is what we are up against in this country.  There are no laws against stupidity and hatred.

They Just Won't Ever Change

From today's article in the New York Times by Glenn Thrush:

"Hurricane Harvey was the rarest of disasters to strike during the Trump presidency — a maelstrom not of Mr. Trump’s making, and one that offers him an opportunity to recapture some of the unifying power of his office he has squandered in recent weeks. 

In announcing his trips, he used the dulcet, reassuring and uplifting language of prior presidents. His rhetoric was strikingly different from his much-criticized pronouncements at a news conference this month when he equated the actions of leftist protesters in Charlottesville, Va., with the violent, torch-wielding alt-right activists who hurled anti-Semitic and racist epithets."

He's pivoting!!! He's Presidential!!! One press conference in which he didn't make a colossal fool of himself, and combine that with thinly disguised promotion of fascism and hatred!  One press conference in which he didn't burst forth in irrelevent, vicious invective against his "enemies" in the press, his own party, North Korea orHollywood.  And now it's time to ignore what a malignant criminal he is and let him have his corrupt way with the country!

That's what the mainstream press in the United States, and in particular the current version of the New York Times, exists for, these days- to put enough phony sugar on the Republican march toward dictatorship, that people will just sit by and let it happen.  So far, so good, guys at the Times- hope you are proud of yourselves.

Monday, August 28, 2017

A Platform for the Democratic Party

How many times have we heard the last year or two that the Democratic party is a pack of elitists who don't stand for anything?  Of course, that is a preposterous lie brought to us by the mainstream press, with a big helping hand this time around from the Berniebots.  Hillary had detailed proposals on just about everything, in contrast to Trump's platform of hatred, greed and racism, but the mainstream press just ignored it all.  Well, anyway, all of this idiotic carping led me to spend a few minutes writing out the bones of a platform for the Democrats, or to speak more plainly, a collection of Green Eagle's lunatic ideas about how to run our government, and here it is.  I hope you enjoy it, if you are persistent enough to actually take a look at it:

A Platform for the Future

A General Statement

"Government of the people, by the people and for the people"

The government must openly acknowledge that the interests of the overwhelming majority of its people are very normally contradictory to the interests of large corporations and the tiny sliver of Americans who own them.  It must always be our policy that, when such conflicts arise, the government will choose the actions that benefit the people of the United States, regardless of the cost to the rich.


There are never again going to be enough jobs, if jobs are defined as working to make someone else money.  The short and long term answers to these problems:

Cut the retirement age to free jobs for young workers

Cut the work week from 40 hours to 32 hours (five work days to four.) This will be done by declaring a three day weekend every month; then in five years going to a three day weekend every other week, and in another five years, to a three day weekend every week.  In return, workers will accept a 10% cut in pay for the 20% cut in hours worked.  Those that need more money can work a second job one day a week or use the weekends to build their own business.

Guaranteed paid vacations of at least four weeks, as is the norm in Europe, will also help to spread the available work to the maximum number of people.

In the end even this will not be enough.  The nation needs to begin now to plan for the time when a guaranteed minimum income will be necessary to prevent social disintegration.


We know that, in the last forty years, essentially all gains in productivity in the United States have been commandeered by the rich.  This is a recipe for further and further inequality, until society collapses.  The government must see to it that gains in productivity are equitably distributed to all.  Business owners will obviously not do this out of any sense of decency, so they must be forced to do it, through massive tax increases on corporations and their owners.  And it must be clear that this readjustment in the rewards of our system of government must date from 1980 or so, not today, so that a large part of the ill gotten gains of the hyper rich can be recaptured.

Medical Care

The nation must immediately institute a single payer system for medical costs.  The private sector has had decades to move toward a workable system, and has refused at every step of the way.  The only answer now is to effectively destroy medical insurance companies, and leave the payment for medical care to the government, which manages to provide it to seniors and veterans at a 3% overhead, rather than the nearly 30% that private insurance companies thieve from consumers.


Immigration is a force as immutable as the tides.  As long as societies have existed, migrants have gone from relatively poorer societies to richer ones, and nothing has ever been found to stop this.  The only thing that can help is to raise the standard of living in third world countries, and to refuse to support repressive governments, so their people can live a decent life at home.  We propose dedicating 10% of our military budget to promoting unions in third world countries to give the people there a chance to have a sustainable existence.  Raising wages in third world countries will, in addition, reduce downward pressure on American wages, leading to a better life at home.


Global warming is real, and promises social disruption that could effectively destroy Western civilization by the end of the century.  All subsidies to fossil fuel companies must stop immediately, and in particular the government must put an end to the remaining fragments of the non-viable and destructive coal industry.  We must do whatever we have to in order to move toward a carbon free energy supply, including subsidizing development of renewable energy and penalizing further investment in fossil fuels.

Foreign Policy

The United States must start with an open acknowledgement of the malignant role it has played in the Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia, favoring the profits of a few international corporations above the interests of the inhabitants of these areas, leading to the deaths of millions, and the supporting of a web of dictators who have existed to force their populations into compliance with the will of the rich.  Laws must be passed to make such behavior illegal, and subject to extreme penalties.  Only through such action can we ever hope to gain a degree of trust in the large parts of the world that we have abused in the last century.  We must give up a leadership position in the world until we can find a way to guarantee that the savaged remnants of our democracy do not allow another leader like Donald Trump to assume the Presidency.


It is a specimen of insanity as great as any in human history that this country spends as much on its military, more or less, as the rest of the world put together.  We must vastly reduce the amount of money that goes to the military, and realize that real peace can only come through living as equals with the rest of the world, not through force.

In a civilized world, not all things are fair in war.  There are some, the use of which is considered among the worst crimes a human can commit, such as the use of chemical or biological weapons, or the deliberate targeting of civilians.  We must add something to this list before it becomes so prevalent that there is no stopping it: the use of robots in warfare.  This must include the use of drones for other than observation or supply purposes.  If we license a major power to amass a robot army which allows it to wage war against lesser countries without any risk to its own people, it is inevitable that robotic warfare will be used for the most abominable sort of aggression.  Now is the time to take a firm stand against this.


It is the responsibility of people in a democracy to support a high quality education not just for their own children but for all children.  This demands that the public education system be fully funded in this country, and that the government not spend one cent subsidizing private, for profit educational institutions, which in fact exist for two reasons: to siphon money from our public educational system into the pockets of a few heartless rich businessmen, and to isolate the children of the well-to-do from the consequences of the deliberate plundering of our school systems.


No government subsidies or tax relief for any religion.


It must be understood that allowing the very rich to have more money to invest than there are available and productive investment opportunities, by the most basic law of supply and demand, is what creates bubbles, and the entire cycle of boom and bust which has plagued the world since at least the 1600's.  The aggregate wealth of the very wealthy must be restricted, through tax increases, so it is in line with the need for investment.  This is the only way to provide economic stability in the long run.


This nation must acknowledge, particularly after the events of the last couple of years, that racial hatred, predominantly among whites, as well as systematic racial disparities, is far greater than virtually all of us realized.  This cannot be tolerated if our society is going to persevere in the long run.  Actions intended to deliberately prolong this racial disparity must be recognized as serious crimes, and severely punished.  Membership in open racist groups such as the KKK or various self-styled Nazi groups must be made illegal, and the judicial system must have the will to severely punish such behavior.


The Federalist Papers, or at least the most pertinent ones, should be required reading for all college students, so a significant part of the country will have some understanding of what the Constitution means, and not be led astray by the lies of right wing propagandists.  Notable among the things that must be common knowledge are the fact that the Electoral College was created to prevent demagogues and tools of foreign countries from being elected President, and that the second amendment applies only to militias run by the government; in fact there is nothing in the Constitution affirming the individual right to own a gun.


It is not only the responsibility of citizens in a democracy to adequately fund these programs, it is an absolute necessity, if democracy is not to degenerate into an oligarchic dictatorship, of the type that we see forming in this country as we speak.  We know that the citizens of every European country that approaches what is described above are far happier in the aggregate than Americans, despite the fact that they pay higher taxes.  The propagandists of the rich in this country work around the clock to deny this, but we know it is true.  It must be repeated until people in the United States realize how victimized they are by the current state of things here.


Well, if ever there was a pie-in-the-sky set of proposals, this is it, I guess.  Except for the fact that if something along these lines is not adopted in the near future, our country is doomed, it would do people well to just forget the whole thing.  And if dictatorship sounds good to you, that is exactly the course you should take.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Special Green Eagle Hurricane Report

Green Eagle has spent most of the morning cooking, and watching the hurricane coverage from Corpus Christi on the TV.

In the now well established American tradition of caring about nothing but yourself, Green Eagle is pleased to report that no hurricane damage is expected at Corpus Christi College, where he was a graduate student long ago.
Although, in all fairness, Green Eagle must admit that no category III hurricane is known to have hit Cambridge at least since the founding of Corpus Christi College, in 1352.

I don't know where all of the pictures of the horrible weather now on TV are coming from.  Must be from the bad side of town.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Strengthening Harvey forecast to slam Texas coast as first major hurricane in U.S. since 2005

So the headline says, just in time for another Republican President to be running FEMA.

Maybe God does hate us.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

We are Fucked

From PPP Polls:

"… Trump voters say they would rather have Jefferson Davis as President than Barack Obama 45/20."

And let's just face an obvious fact here:  Trump voters don't know one God damned thing about Jefferson Davis except that he was for slavery- that he led a four years long murderous, treasonous rampage in order to keep having slaves.  That's it.  These people want black people returned to slavery, period.  I don't want to ever hear a single person claim that this means anything else.  They are for slavery, and for the subjugation of all non-whites, and that is why they are for Trump.

Nazis had and worked to death hundreds of thousands of slaves, but even they did not openly brag about it.  In some way, what these people promise to bring us is worse than the Nazis were.  Deal with that, America.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Trump Fails To Deliver Again

As is my usual practice, I want to fairly quickly post some information about the attendance at Donald Trump's rally in Phoenix today, and the people who turned up to protest it.  I do not have the heart yet to comment on the utterly repugnant content of Trump's remarks, so I will stick to crowd size, first noting that Trump bragged as usual about the alleged huge size of his rally, and the small number of protesters outside.

Well on to the evidence.  Here is the  most common view of the crowd inside the arena while Trump was speaking:

If this was a view of the entire crowd, I think you would be justified in saying that there were less than four thousand people there, in fact, perhaps less than three thousand.  And in fact, this is pretty much the whole audience.  Here are two views from the back of the room:

You can see that behind the viewpoint of the carefully cropped crowd picture above, there is almost nobody.  A miserable showing, for the President of the United States, in the center of one of the most Republican States in the United States.  Again, I feel confident that, contrary to his disgusting bragging, he was unable to get more than 4,000 people to attend his great speech.

Now for the protesters.  This is a little more difficult to assess, because the relatively narrow street outside the hall made it hard for people to get good views of this crowd.  Nevertheless, here is something:
I have looked at several other photos, and I agree with a Politico reporter who was there and assessed the crowd at between 4,000 and 5,000, or somewhat more than the star-power of this worthless President was able to attract.  When last I heard, the Phoenix police were (predictably) tear-gassing this peaceful assembly.  

Support for this miserable would-be dictator has crumbled.  Even his own supporters, in their hearts, know what a horrid mistake they have made, though they will never admit it.  But he can't even begin to generate a real show of support at this point, and anyone really paying attention knows it.  He may hang on to the White House, but if he does, it is solely because the other Republican leaders are just as corrupt as he is, and they don't want to tip the boat before the rich guys get their tax cut.  Other than that, we all know the truth.  

And now, a major update:

You have seen above the photos of the real crowd that attended the Trump rally yesterday.  Here is one of a number of images now being circulated by Trump partisans, in which the crowd has been photoshopped to appear to fill the entire auditorium
You can see from the real photos, what a ludicrous act of dishonesty this is.  

This leads me to a comment.  When I estimate crowd sizes at right wing events, I always try to be totally fair to them, which means giving the largest possible number of people I can possibly account for in the photos. In truth, I thought the crowd was actually smaller than 4,000, but I couldn't be positive, so I went with the number I gave.  I now see a number of estimates from people that were there, putting the crowd at as low as 2,000.  I guess I should have gone with my first estimates, and stated openly that there were no more than 3,000 people at this event, a miserable turnout for an official Presidential appearance.  Witnesses also report that by the end of Trump's 75 minute tirade, many of the people had left, or were sitting on the floor, busy with their cellphones.  May I note that Trump himself collaborated in this lie about the crowd size, by pretending to beg the fire marshals to let more people in (a standard trick of his,) ignoring the fact that the room was half empty.

In the meantime, this should provide a laugh.  Here is a picture that is being circulated on the right today of the tens of thousands of people trying to get into this speech:

Only one problem:  This is actually a photo of the victory parade of the Cleveland Cavaliers, an image which has a history as a "stand-in" for the massive crowds of invisible people who show up for right wing events:

Lies about the crowd inside, lies about the crowd outside.  The truth is, people can't stand this guy and won't even turn out to see him in one of the most right wing places in the country.  He cheated his way into office, but that doesn't mean that he, or his malignant vice President, or his hateful Supreme Court Justice, or anyone else connected with him should be left in Washington.

And now, some independent confirmation of what I have said above:

Note:  Pictures inside taken by David Catanese; the outside one taken by Saba Hamedy.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Wingnuts Show Their Strength Again

This time in Boston, where they showed up in typical numbers for  a laughingly named "Free Speech" rally this afternoon.  From Fox News (no link for them, sorry):

"...dozens of rallygoers gathered at the historic Boston Common and were met with thousands of counterprotesters who had marched peacefully through downtown Boston...Only a few dozen conservatives turned out to the Boston rally, in stark contrast to the estimated 15,000 counterprotesters... an organizer has said he expected up to 1,000 people to attend.

And here they are; first the "protesters:"
 And then the counterprotesters:

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said Friday that 500 officers -- some in uniform, others undercover -- were deployed to keep the peace Saturday. "

They could have just assigned five policemen to every wingnut to protect them, or to keep them from driving their cars into the counterprotest, I guess.

I loved some of the ways this was covered in the press:

Vox:  "counter-demonstrators — which, as Ward reported, were conservatively estimated to outnumber the Free Speech rally-goers 15 to one — filled the grounds outside a security perimeter, drowning out the speeches at the Free Speech rally."

15 to one...well, let's see; 15,000 divided by 100...I think that is more on the order of 150 to one. Only off by a factor of ten, Vox guys.  Just a slip up, I guess.  But wait:

CBS News:  "Boston free speech rally: Thousands take to the streets in rival protests ..."
Well, at least Vox did better than CBS News and Newsweek, which didn't seem to notice the difference in the size of the crowds at all.

Once again, for about the thousandth time, I have to note the discrepancy between the actual number of right wingers that ever show up for their hatefests, and the way they are treated by the mainstream press.  A carefully organized event that still can't get over a hundred people is treated as equivalent to a more or less spontaneous march 150 times its size, as the press continues to pretend that this sort of event is a sign of a huge wellspring of right wingers who are totally behind the Republican platform of reducing them to poverty to enrich the Koch brothers, et. al.

Yeah, billions of dollars of rich guys' money spent on smearing Democrats still manages to get millions of suckers out on voting day to keep the criminals in office, but if they think there are really masses of armed lunatics ready to start shooting up the country to defend the rights of the rich, they are not basing it on any perceivable evidence.

Friday, August 18, 2017

A Horrid Possibility

So what do we expect for Trump without Bannon?  I am positive that we are going to be bombarded over the next week or so with mainstream pundits' claims that Bannon has been radicalizing Trump all along, and now that he is gone we need to shut up and wait for Trump to pivot to being a reasonable President.  I am wondering today, however, if the exact opposite may be the case.

Bannon is a real ideologue and cares a hundred times more about advancing his white supremacist, fascist agenda than Trump could ever care about anything but himself.  I wonder if Bannon has not been working constantly to keep Trump focused on Bannon's ideological goals, and has prevented him from spinning off into total lunacy on an almost daily basis.  Now that Bannon is gone, we will get another chance to just Let Trump Be Trump.  And that could be a spectacle far more horrible than anything we have seen so far.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Stupidity of the Press Continues

Even now, after all we have seen, they will not speak the truth.  Today's example: Gail Collins at the New York Times:

"Admit it — during the campaign you did not consider the possibility that if a terrible tragedy struck the country involving all of our worst political ghosts of the past plus neo-Nazism, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz would know the appropriate thing to say but Donald Trump would have no idea."

Even now, the miserable tools that get paid to write this garbage for the New York Times cannot bring themselves to admit the truth.  I can point you toward numerous left-leaning websites, like my own, which stated plainly all along who Trump was and what he was up to; plenty of people considered "the possibility" of what a Trump Presidency would mean, and far more importantly have been pointing out for years that it is not  Trump's goal alone, but the goal of the whole Republican party at least since Reagan- to erase the last vestiges of democracy in this country and replace it by a fascist oligarchy in which no more than a couple hundred families run the country, totally for their own benefit.

And just to finish the categorization of the deliberate blindness, or just lying, of Gail Collins, what do the two people she mentioned as standing up against Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, have in common?  They are the two most likely people to be the Republican Presidential candidate in 2020, if Trump is pushed out of office.  They see themselves as the main beneficiaries of Trump's fall.  At this point, anyone who thinks that a single one of the Republican leaders will ever act based on decency and the best interest of the  country is a gigantic fool.  These guys are, as Republicans always do, serving their own self-interest in attacking Trump.  Other than that, they are totally on board with the entire Republican program of making the country the sole possession of the hyper-rich.