Monday, June 19, 2017

Wingnut Wrapup

Man, the wingnuts have been boring lately, but I guess it's time to get back to their idiocy.  I've tried to leave out the worst of the bootlicking Trump-loving, so here's what's left:

So, let's just start out with this important announcement:

Christine Rousselle, Town Hall:  "American Student Released From North Korea Has Been In A Coma For Over A Year"

So what?  Every Republican voter has been in one for years.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Hmmm: Special Counsel Mueller's Team Sure is Stacked With Democrat Donors, Including a Hillary Supporter"

Whereas, according to people like Katy, the only ones qualified to comment on the state of the country are foaming-at-the-mouth right wing lunatics.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Is President Trump's $110 Billion Arms Deal For Saudi Arabia About To Get Blocked In The Senate?"

No, Katie, for the simple reason that the "arms deal" was never anything but a gigantic lie like every other thing he ever claimed credit for (except grabbing pussies, of course.  That was true.)  You can't block something that doesn't exist.

Dennis Prager, Town Hall:  "What Happened to the Hysteria About Trump-Induced Anti-Semitism?"

It got lost in the wake of the thousand other outrages you guys are perpetrating, Dennis.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Secret Service: We Don't Have Any Trump Tapes"

Trump lied!  Really, not news any more.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Trump: So Far, I've Accomplished More Than Any President Except FDR"

Will you be surprised to hear that Leah reported this without breaking into a single guffaw of derision?

Jim Jamitis, Red State:  "Unbelievable: Guess What Words the Feminists Now Say Are Sexist"

No thanks, Jim.  Not biting on that one.

Freedomlover 1776, Red State:  "Socialist Single-Payer Agenda Is Behind Attacks On Drug Companies"

You bet your booties, guy.  What's your point?  By the way, with a name like that, I bet your IQ isn't above 80.  As demonstrated by this grasp of the facts:

"Perhaps if the media weren’t in the tank they would ask single-payer advocates why they believe folding the drug companies into society’s least efficient institution is likely to cut costs?"

Society's least efficient institution...Medicare has an overhead of about 3%.  Private insurance has an overhead of close to 30%.  Guess that fact escaped freedomlover 1776's attention.

Liz Shield, PJ Media:  "Trump Must Stand Strong on Qatar"

Yeah, because if he admits he's been endangering world security by telling self aggrandizing lies, where will we end up?

Christina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "CONFIRMED=> Obama Had His Own ‘Back Channel’ to Moscow – ‘Modern-Day Red Phone’

See, that was after Obama became President, and it was his job to conduct foreign diplomacy, not before he became President, when he would have been sabotaging the country's security for his own benefit.  Get the difference?  No, I didn't think you would, Christina.

Charlie Stark, Gateway Pundit:  "Dog the Bounty Hunter's Ex-Wife is Unrecognizable"

At last, a story from Gateway Pundit we can believe!  Why don't they ever have important news like this at Daily Kos?

But wait!  We can't leave Gateway Pundit without giving its founder, Jim Hoft, a chance to write the most disgusting article of the day:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Comey Colluded with Obama on Radical Islamic Murder of US Marines"

The "collusion" consisting in Comey, as head of the FBI, and Obama, as President, meeting to discuss the prosecution of the murderer.  Bet you never guessed that from the headline, did you? And once again, I must remind you that Trump gave Jim Hoft White House press credentials.

Carter, Gateway Pundit:  "Carter Page Calls for Release of FISA Warrant Details Comey’s FBI ‘Concocted’"

Concocted.  The FBI "concocted" the details of the warrant, i.e. they wrote them down.  A miserable liberal crime- putting the truth down on a piece of paper.

"…I think the “really important documents” you could release would show a great deal about the nature of not just Comey and his continued lies, but the exceptionally dishonest nature of the Clinton campaign and Obama Administration"

And JFK, FDR, Thomas Jefferson and every other hateful Democrat in recorded history.

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "Persecuting Trump while inviting terrorism"

Persecuting the poor guy!  I feel so sorry for him.

"The fate of the West, including Israel, may hinge on Trump remaining in office and pulling off a major realignment and reversal of Obama's policy in the Middle East."

Yeah, it may depend on our creating a new breed of superdonkeys that will rampage throughout the Middle East biting the living bejesus out of the bad guys.  You just never know.  Best to be safe and keep irradiating those donkeys- personally, I think that is a better strategy than keeping Trump in the White House.

Darren Jonescu, American Thinker:  "Canada Goes Full Maoist"

Full Maoist!

And what could Canada be doing to go full Maoist?

"Health Canada is mulling a sweeping ban on junk food ads aimed at children and teens, media reports say."

Mao?  Sounds to me like they are going full Genghis Khan, taking candy bars away from kids.  What a threat to civilization.


Yeah, sure they did.  Thanks for that contribution to our political discourse, Alex.


Hey, Green Eagle can answer that one.  Alex Jones believes there is money to be made spreading hateful lies about Sandy Hook.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Sarah Palin Considering Libel Lawsuit Against New York Times"

Well, that's nice.  She's got to do something to get her name back in the news before the money runs out.

Todd Starnes, Town Hall:  "Remember the Professor Who Said Republicans Should be Executed?"

No, not really.

Before It's News:  "PizzaGate: Rep Scalise Shot for Exposing Global Elites Child Trafficking Ring!"

At last!  Now it all makes sense!  You know, the utter breakdown in the willingness of right wingers to even try to go with the truth against what they know perfectly well to be lies is just stunning.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "GA-06: Americans For Prosperity Banking On Non-Jungle Primary Voters In Georgia Special Election "

"Non-jungle primary voters."  Get it, or was that too subtle for you?

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "MSNBC's Joy Reid: Yeah He Just Got Shot, But Lets Not Forget Steve Scalise Is a Racist"

Apparently, if Hitler had gotten shot in the hip, it would have been fine to forget his political views.

Larry Klayman, Renew America:  "A nation on the brink of civil war... if the drumbeat of verbal attacks, leaks and otherwise destructive assaults on President Donald J. Trump, his family, those around him and their supporters do not soon abate, expect right-wing militias and other reactive vigilantes to spring into action, resulting in a full-fledged civil war, with blood flowing in our neighborhoods and streets."

Well, Larry, since the last few rebellions that you have called for have failed to get more than a few dozen people to turn up, I'm guessing it will be a very short war.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "St. Louis Cardinals reject homosexual supremacy"

Well, that's nice.  But wait, Bryan isn't done humiliating himself today:

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "How long was Jesus' hair?"

A vital question in today's world, about which Bryan has a lot to say:

"The Scripture says, if I am interpreting it correctly, that any man who prays or prophesies with long hair dishonors his head. Christ certainly prayed and he certainly prophesied and would never do it in such a way that his Father would be dishonored.

Thus, I think it is a reasonable conclusion that Jesus' hair was cut Roman-style rather than Fabio-style."

Oh, fuck you, Bryan.  What kind of a moron are you, anyway?

World Net Daily EXCLUSIVE!  "250 Christian kids 'kneaded in a dough mixer'

Whatever.  Do I need to remind you what it means that nobody on earth will touch a story except World Net Daily?

And that's enough for now, don't you think?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Things We Don't Believe But Wish We Did

'In an exclusive interview with CNTV-4, Ivana Trumps claimed the American President is obsessed with the size of his genitals, and has already tested “every product on the market” in order to increase the size of his penis.

“When we were married, he would take 5 or 6 different types of drugs at the same time and he used his penis pump twice a day. He would also measure his dick every night to see if it had grown.”

According to the former model and socialite, he even overdosed twice, in 1989 and 1991, after ingesting more than 300 penis enlargement pills in a day.

“He literally popped pills like candy. It made him sick and gave no results, but he kept taking more and more. It was one of the main reasons we got divorced.”

She says the president still takes penis enlargement drugs, but has reduced and stabilized his consumption to approximately 45 to 60 pills a day."

Thanks A Lot, Bernie

You son of a bitch.  So, here's the end result of your malignant attempt to purloin the Democratic party's apparatus to advance your own agenda.  Here's what happens when you preach to your ignorant Berniebots that the two parties are just the same; that Hillary is just as malignant a criminal as Trump, that what you get from one party is exactly the same as what you get from the other- people who give up and go out and do something as stupid as anything that the most vicious
Trump supporters could ever think of.

Well, here's James T. Hodgkinson, a white old guy with a gun who is indistinguishable from the worst sort of  violent, rage filled Trump-NRA crackers, but he is one of yours.  Own him, Bernie, because you created him, in your obsession to steal the Democratic Presidential nomination.

And on top of everything else, here is what we get, thank you very much, Bernie:  Yesterday, we saw the Attorney General lie, evade, distort the truth and do everything else he could to demonstrate with perfect clarity that he knows damned well that he and his President are up to their necks in something really dirty involving the Russians.  This should have launched the next phase of the struggle to make these traitors pay for their crimes, but instead, it's all in the past today, while we will watch every Republican from Trump on down spend the next week making this guy out to be the poster child for Democrats.

Man, as they say, with friends like this, who needs enemies?

Monday, June 12, 2017


Did any of you have a chance to see some of the highlights of the "cabinet meeting" that Trump had broadcast today on national television?  Trump forced each cabinet secretary to praise the wonderful job that Trump is doing, or to put things another way, he forced them, in order to keep their jobs, to go in front of the whole world and tell the most shameless lies about what every one of them must know is the worst Presidency in our history, by an immense distance.  Thus, Trump managed to bathe himself in the most disgusting display of sick narcissism that the country has been forced to endure yet, and at the same time engage in an act of the most brutal bullying, forcing long standing public figures to humiliate themselves in order to avoid being savaged by him.

There has never, I feel safe in saying, been such a degraded performance by a President in the entire history of our country; in fact, nothing has ever come close.

It is a very stupid thing for various Democrats to say that we should not be working to remove this malignant subhuman from the White House; no matter how much slicker Pence or Ryan might be at advancing the contemptible Republican agenda, the fact still remains that this man's presence at the top of our government degrades every one of us, every day that we do not work to throw him out.  If this nauseating excuse for a man is allowed to remain in office for his whole term, the entire country will be marked for the rest of our lives as a miserable, untrustworthy, vicious pack of ignorant, hate and greed filled scum.  We must fight to destroy him, because he is well on the way to destroying us.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wingnuts on the March

Well, I'm not going to make much of this, but this weekend was to have been the occasion of a massive number of huge demonstrations by right wing racists against "Sharia law."  As always, almost nobody turned out for any of these events.  The one in New York, or the one in Washington, for example, seem to have attracted only a few dozen participants.  Right wing sources are claiming a massive turnout of 200 or so in two places; Orlando, Florida, one of the cracker centers of gravity of the whole country, and San Bernardino, California.  The Orlando one may have attracted two hundred people, waving Nazi and Confederate flags, and chanting "one people, one land," a clear reference to the Nazi slogan of "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrerer."  So, good for you, Florida people.  I can't find any pictures remotely indicating a crowd of 200 in San Bernardino, so we'll just chalk that one down as one more right wing lie.

Anyway, if it wasn't for my long history of reporting on these endless right wing failures, I wouldn't have bothered with this, and I certainly won't be surprised if you are not really interested either.  But once again, it shows what a con the American people have swallowed when they bought into the lie that there is a large movement out there of ordinary people who are just hungry to have rich psychopaths reduce them to slavery.

Where Did Green Eagle Go?

Writing blog posts, like doing anything else, requires a belief that, in at least some minuscule, tiny way, you are helping steer things in a better direction.

Well, I have pretty much given up on that.  The Republican party has succeeded beyond its wildest hopes in building an electorate that is absolutely immune to any facts, any reason, any thought of human decency.  And they have taken over, and intend to do what they want.  This has been clear enough, but is even more so after we have witnessed the ease in which they were able, with the collaboration of the mainstream press, to turn James Comey's testimony, by far the most shocking official indictment of a President's behavior in the entire history of the country, into a victory for Trump, in the eyes of his supporters.

And describing our nation's swift progress from a sort of a democracy to an oligarchic despotism, with only the barest pretense of being anything else, is useless, because the people who might read what I have to say can see it perfectly by themselves.

So, I'm not saying that I'm giving up blogging, but I have to find some reason to believe that anything I say isn't totally obvious to anyone who cares about this country.  I can't say how often that will be, but right now, I don't think there is a thing any of us can do to stop the United States' headlong rush to dictatorship.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Truth Nobody Dares to Speak

At least nobody I have heard, anyway.

So, Congress called all these big National Security guys from the Trump administration to testify about whether Donald Trump tried to get them to betray their country in order to crush public knowledge of Trump's treason.  And guess what?  Big surprise, every one of them refused to say a thing, because letting the American people know what happened would just be way beyond the pale.

Well, here is the truth that no one will utter:  If a single one of these miserable excuses for human beings could have honestly said that Trump did not attempt to bully him into perjury and obstruction of justice, he would have been shouting it from the steps of the Capitol twenty four hours a day.  No one would have needed to force them to speak.

Every one of them knows that he sold the country down the river, but none of them will speak, because each of them is afraid that the minute they open their mouths they are going to be set upon by the Republicans' rabid dogs and torn to shreds.

So let's get this clear here:  these craven, miserable tools won't openly lie in public, because every single one of them is afraid that the truth will eventually leak out, as it did with Nixon.  But they are afraid enough of being prosecuted themselves that they won't tell the truth either.  So they invent the most implausible excuses you ever heard to just clam up like some mob witness and say nothing.

I repeat:  If a single one of them could honestly say that Trump did not try to get them to engage in  a criminal conspiracy, he would not have a reason in the world to be silent.  The truth is obvious: they are all lying little weasels who are engaged in a conspiracy to cover up treason.  And anyone who can't see the obvious truth of that assertion must be brain dead or under the age of five.


Watergate was, as they say, a "third rate burglary," a cheap political dirty trick.

This story is about the worst kind of treason against the United States, perpetrated by the President of the United States.

Yet people still are asking, "Is it as bad as Watergate yet?"

That's like asking if World War II was as bad as the last time you got a parking ticket.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Circus Is Coming to Town

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!  Just when you thought Donald Trump couldn't think of a better way to make a mockery of our government and our legal system, this news is breaking:

"Donald Trump 'plans to live-tweet former FBI Director James Comey's testimony

Mr Comey is scheduled to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee on 8 June - in public and closed door sessions - to speak about the ongoing FBI investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign team and Russia as well as possible Russian interference with the US election."

God in heaven above, we are going to have a closely controlled situation laying out the evidence, governed by rules refined over hundreds of years, and the chief suspect is going to abrogate to himself the right to spread to the whole country his side- excuse me, his lies about the story- with absolutely no control on what he says.  Is this what passes for justice in our country now, when a Republican is involved?  And you know that the mainstream press will go right along with this abomination, using their usual excuse that the public just wants a circus, not facts or decent government.

It is not stupidity or ignorance that is leading Trump to act the way he does.  If that were the situation, at least occasionally he would do something decent, which he absolutely never does.  Sorry, there is only one explanation for Trump's behavior; he is a tool of a hostile foreign dictator whose goal is to destroy the power and credibility of the United States.  More evidence to demonstrate this emerges every single day.  No rational person can deny what is going on, but on it goes, with the usual right wing pro-fascists shouting down anyone who speaks the truth.

Man, it sure is proving easy to destroy our country.

Monday, June 5, 2017

A Comey Warning

So Trump is apparently declaring that he is not going to use executive privilege to stop James Comey from testifying on Thursday.  Now, why do you think that is, given the certainty that Trump would do anything, no matter how abominable, to get what he wants?

Well, maybe he has something even dirtier up his sleeve.  That's always a possibility, of course, but here is what I have been afraid of all along.  So many liberals seem to have totally forgotten that it was Comey who really stuck the knife in Hillary Clinton's back, knowing perfectly well that the story he has retailed in public was a cheap lie, provided to him by the Russians.  There is no one on earth that Trump is more indebted to, for putting him in the White House.  Do you really believe that this life long Republican hatchet man really suddenly got religion and turned on Trump?  If so, he'd be the first Republican in a hundred years to do that.

I'm afraid that Comey and the rest of the Republicans have cooked up a game where Comey comes out in public and seems ready to tell the truth, and then gets on the stand and denies that Trump did anything wrong.  At which point the miserable Republican-owned mainstream press will declare that the whole thing was never anything but Democratic fake news, and that the entire massive conspiracy must now be utterly forgotten.  This would sort of be a grand scale version of the way that the Republicans and the Press suckered Dan Rather and then used his mistake to shout down George W. Bush's desertion during the Vietnam War, something which we know absolutely did happen.

I'm not saying that this will happen, but I do recommend that you be prepared to wake up Friday morning with a gigantic headache.

Pittsburgh or Bust.

Bust, I think we can pretty safely said.  I've been away for a couple of days, but just to keep my self-appointed task of reporting on the inevitable failure of right wing protests and marches complete, I want to show a couple of representative pictures from this week's "Pittsburgh or Paris" march in Washington, D.C., which was financed by the Republican party and promoted in the media by Donald Trump himself (not that he showed up, of course; he went to play golf instead.)  So, take a look:

Really, I'm not being selective here.  I have always adopted a policy of showing the largest groups of people I can find at these wingnut events, confident that the truth is humiliating enough for them; and this event was no exception.  Based on what I saw, I cannot believe that this event attracted even a hundred participants, despite its systematic promotion by the Republican party.  Once again, I want to point out the very real evidence that the right in this country is largely a mirage, created by the vast expenditure of money contributed by rich sociopaths like the Koch brothers, which culminates in a torrent of lies and smears in the couple of months preceding national elections, resulting in Republicans maintaining control over the Federal and most State governments.  The actual "white working class," i.e. white racist crowds that supposedly support their own evisceration by Trump and Ryan and McConnell does not exist, except as a huge mob of ignorant, hate filled scum that can be easily manipulated by whichever politician is the most willing to dive into the lowest level of political slime; which is to say, whichever Republican happens to be up for election at the time.

Democrats have paid a massive price (and the American people have paid it with them) for refusing to totally give up their commitment to the welfare of the American people, but what is the choice?  If Democrats were to give themselves over to the same hateful behavior as Republicans, they could win back a lot of the stupid, self destructive crackers that keep Republicans in office, but only at the price of becoming no better than Trump and Bannon and Ryan.  What good would that do us?  Instead, in the absence of a middle path that anyone can discern, we wait for these evil people to die off, and pray that the black and brown people who are replacing them will be at least a tiny bit higher up on the scale of moral evolution.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Treason- What We Know Now

Here is a brief summary of what we know about the connection between the Trump administration and the Russians:

1.  We now have evidence of about thirty contacts between the Trump campaign and transition team with the Russians, all conducted in secret, and all denied vehemently by Trump and his spokesmen, until every one of them was proven to have taken place.  Not one single person will talk openly about what happened in these conversations.

2.  Trump has engaged in repeated behavior which can have no intent except to benefit Vladimir Putin and Russia, at the expense of our own country:

We learned today that after he took office, Trump immediately made an effort to remove American sanctions on Russia:

"According to the report, top Trump administration officials tasked State Department staffers with developing proposals for the lifting of economic sanctions, the return of diplomatic compounds and other steps to relieve tensions with Moscow.

This horrified staffers, who then reached out to Congress to try and get them to take legislative action and make it more difficult for the administration to unilaterally revoke the sanctions."

We also have seen Trump repeatedly and deliberately attempt to damage the United States' relations with its allies, from his belligerent behavior to the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Australia, to the massive damage that he did to our relationship with all of our NATO allies on his recent trip, all but repudiating our commitments to mutual defense.  And actions like today's repudiation of the Paris accords must have been done with the awareness that this behavior was going to set our country against practically every nation on earth.

3.  And finally, from his attempts to threaten James Comey into keeping his mouth shut, to his open attempts to sabotage or stop investigations into his Russian connections, to his deployment of teams of political hit men to assassinate the character of anyone who speaks out on the issue, Trump has engaged in repeated clear acts of obstruction of justice and misuse of the power of his office, which all indicates absolute knowledge of guilt.

Despite all of this, Trump's defenders, and this includes essentially every Republican leader in the country, still scream on a daily basis that we know nothing, that nothing has been proven, that the whole thing is a Democratic plot.

Let's say what needs to be said here:  There is still much to be revealed; I expect far more than we already know.  But taken together here, what has already become public amounts to as airtight case as you could ever have, short of the confession which we will never have from these evil people.  The most clueless person could not look at all of this and not see evidence of the most vicious kind of treason.  We must not stand silent in the face of Republican efforts to deny our right to know what really happened, but we already have far more than enough knowledge to see the betrayal of our country clearly, and to demand the appropriate penalties.

Update:  And may I add that Trump's belligerent betrayal of the Paris accords has managed, among other disastrous effects, to alienate the United States government from almost every decent person on earth, both inside and outside the country- a massive free gift to Vladimir Putin, and, I suspect the real reason that this decision was inevitable.

And More:  Trump has just announced his intention to appoint an investment banker who was a former captain in the Marines to be Secretary of the Navy.  A captain. In the Marines. Not a general, not a colonel, not a major, a captain.  I have not been able to discover yet what this guy did in the Marines, but I can assure you it had not one thing to do with naval maneuvers or operating naval fleets. You can imagine how much experience this guy has running the Navy.  One more step in destroying our ability to defend ourselves.  This is a level of treason that is almost unfathomable, yet the obvious nature of what Trump is up to will be totally ignored by the mainstream press.